Friday, January 08, 2010

Dil to bachaa hai ji

Awesome song by Gulzaar Saab, these are my favourite lines...

"Kisko pataa tha pehlu mein rakha dil aisa paaji bhi hoga
Hum to hamesha samajhte the, koi hum jaisa haaji hi hoga
Haan yeh zor karein, kitna shor karein, bewaja baatein pe ainwe gaur karein
Dilsa koi kameena nahin
Koi to rokey, koi to tokey
Iss umar mein ab khaogey dhokhe
Dar lagta hai ishq karne mein ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Thoda kachha hai ji
Haann Dil to bachcha hai ji "

Sunday, August 16, 2009

f**k you

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Lots of beer bottle were being collected at my place from a while... this is what happened when I placed little sause bottle among them....

its different!

Friday, September 12, 2008

An open letter to India TV

Sorry to say, but your channel is the most fucked up in a lot. You guys don't know what journalism means, its a masala channel and not a news channel. After watching you 'Big Bang' coverage I think that India TV (or for that matter Aaj Tak, Live India also ) should be put under "special adult" category. A category of adults who understand that whatever you beam is filthy crap. You guys don't show news, but you try to sensationalize it by adding your and your so called expert's views. News is not about giving your opinion but to show what happened. Take any news be it a "Aarushi Murder Case" (You guys - refers to all channels like you,  have crossed limits when you shamelessly started showing details of Talwar's private life)  or "Talking Sai Baba" - What a crap!. Today Raj Thackrey has a purpose to fight thanks to you guys. You delibrately mistook, misinterpreted his very first statments and sensationalized a matter. Hook to any channel and there are tales of murders, robbery etc. Mr Rajat Kapur, I used to like your"Janta ki adalat" when it used to come on Zee, now, its joke. You have become what Ram Gopal Verma has become after his "Ram Gopal Verma ke sholey". I wonder how can a channel, who call itself a news channels show clippings of reality show or comedy show as a prime time news item !! what the heck!!!
Guys there are some decent channel learn from them. NDTV Live, CNN IBN, News X, off late Zee News has started making some sense.
Please stop beaming crap, its harmful for people, you guys are spread panic, negetivity, anxiety. Just show what you see and talk what you hear. DO NOT ADD YOUR OWN OPINION in order to influence your audience.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Things are preety f****d up here. I don't have time to express anything here, or still wondering what & where things went wrong.

But, there is something to cheer about. From many days I was tracking news about Alan Johnston, a BBC's gaza correspondent (Follow a photo link on left pane). He is free now, so there is something to cheer about. Best wishes to him and his family.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Do you lie?

Do you lie? … What are you thinking of? Most of us do, including me. (Though not always). Some situations compel me to lie. Like if I am in no position to say “No” to someone but at same time I don’t want to do what he/she is insisting, I lie, to get out of that situation. I don’t enjoy doing that. I will call it “self induced, forced lying”, (Don’t blindly assume that this quote is having a deep philosophical meaning or don’t try to justify it. This term just came in my mind, may be a stupid or may be logical, whatever. I propose this as a new category of liars). I relate “Self induced, forced lying” to the lazy or weak or super humble nature. I am more of lazy (when it comes to dealing with my friends, in fact I am lazy (moody) at everything) and bit of super humble (when I deal with elders or strangers). I seldom lie to my parents but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am strong enough to confess my misdoing. I behave “near perfect” and don’t get into situations where I have to lie. I play safe ;) But if I get embroiled in misdoings, many a time, sadly, I lie. It is hard to remain perfect with everyone, I mean you cannot make everyone happy, some point of time you start thinking of yourself, you tend to become self centric. Being self centric and super humble at same time is a sorry situation. You have no option other than bowing down or lying.

I have come across few really amazing people. They never lie, at least not in front of me (And I don’t lie them). They are fearless; they don’t shy to say “No”, no matter to whom they have to, they are people with strong personality. I really love, admire these people. According to me the best way to choose your friends/partners is not to see if they are true to you but to see if they are true to ‘Others’. Let us categorize this ‘Others’. At bottom of the ladder sit parents, then close relatives (genuine closeness & not inherited closeness). After that, friends then relatives (inherited) and on top of the ladder sit strangers. Let us call it ‘Ladder of truthfulness’. A partner/friend you are looking for should at least be true to his/her parents. The more he/she goes up on ‘Ladder of truthfulness’ the more ideal person he is. But before desiring such people you should apply this ladder test on yourself. “Don’t desire if you don’t deserve”. I find my climb shaky from 1st step itself, 95 times, out of hundred, I am true to my parents. Not good enough. Rachel, in one of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode said (to Ross) “Once a cheater always a cheater”, its true. But honestly, I am striving to achieve 100%.

I really really hate people who lie (hating others is also sign of a weak personality, but then I will be sitting next to god if I stop hating each and every person) but sometimes I find my self in same situation. I am trying hard not to get into that so that I can wholeheartedly hate such people. “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” acted as catalyst to these beliefs. I saw it twice because I was not able to understand it properly. Good job Mr Rajkumar Hirani. I never hated Gandhiji but at same time he was not my hero. After watching this movie I have developed kind of respect for him. His single point formula to succeed in life was quite simple, “Speak Truth”. I think this is a master key to all problems in life, at same time toughest thing to do. Other things like “Hard Work”, “Dedication” etc etc are derivatives of this virtue (virtue of truthfulness). You need to be strong to speak truth; if you are true to yourself you will readily realize/accept your mistakes, your weaknesses. Once you realize them you will definitely strive to correct them and Bingo! Suddenly you will realize that you are doing “Hard Work” with “Dedication” to achieve your goals that will give you feeling of satisfaction. Your personal satisfaction will make you more confident which will make you a charming or even amazing person. See! Just by being true to yourself you have become a charming person. Now why do we lie others? There may be many reasons. I won’t list them here. But in a nutshell, reason of lying is that either we like but fear them or we don’t like but are still dependent on them. Speaking truth in former case will make you fearless. Initially you will be at receiving end but gradually you will end up winning them. Speaking truth in later case will make you strong and independent. Why do you need people you don’t like? Be strong enough to shun them. (Now this thing is hard to do when you are humble in nature, this is a case with me ;) )

Now you might be wondering from where I learned this. No I didn’t read any “Do not lie” book. This is what I have observed from my surroundings. I am privileged to have company of some wonderful people who unintentionally made me realize this. These are just thoughts that are making rounds in my mind for a while, I am not necessarily practicing each and every thing I mentioned, but honestly, I intend to. I am at 25 and intend to carry my self till 75 (at least). I still have 50 years to learn. So there will be revisions to my beliefs that I stated above (I hope core remains same). So don’t blindly believe or oppose what I have written. Try reasoning it. And discuss it. All suggestions/appreciations/criticism are welcomed.

And guys, Have you heard of ‘sitemeter’? Scroll bottom and you will see one counter. This counter not only gives me the number of visits but it also gives me loads of details of that visit. With small readership my blog has, I can very surely guess who had visited my blog. Now if you go out without dropping comment I will catch you. So please comment dude! It makes me happy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I regret

I regret being lazy at mind.


I regret being selfish at times…
I regret for not sorting some matters and having an indifferent attitude as if nothing has happened…
I regret for not acting responsibly at a times…
I regret for not being practical at a times...
I regret of being forgetful...

I regret being me...... no i don't....or do I??...

I regret of being confused.

[I regret for this boring post, next time definitely somthing interesting]

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Have a look at this post -

"Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Couple of rocking weekends, night outs, parties .. and one bad news. Poonam has been Banglored.Baki baadme, busy at neilsoft.


This was posted almost a year back. now re read it

"Saturday June 3, 2006

Busy at neilsoft (last night I was here till 1 am), one good news, Poonam is re transferred to pune (i did't get any suitable replacment for word 'banglored', any suggestions). So its new season of rocking weekends, night outs, parties.

Baki baadme.

Stack has started popping!!

Sudeep's blog carried out a cartoon strip which explained what actually writer's block is. I am suffering from it ever since i started blogging. Its evident as u can just scroll down and read the original version of above quoted post. Only 8 posts in a year! Lets see if i can break record this year. Till then c ya.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I hate shopping.

I am not at all a shopping freak. I am shopping sick. Being a shop phobic and a bachelor living away from home, sometimes makes life difficult. Especially when there is an acute need of something and you have to buy it. If you are pretty clear on what you have to buy, things are easy. Like, buying a razor, damn easy! You know what brand and what type you want. So just go to any shop which is selling razor, give your specifications, get it, pay the amount specified in MRP and storm out, you are free again! But… what if you want to buy, say shoes?

This happened with me year ago. After looking at pathetic condition of my shoes I decided to buy a new one. I was aware that buying a shoe was a big deal, Firstly you have to pre decide what type of shoe you want. “Black, formal shoe”, this was a simple specification I told to my self. I have seen guys who end up buying something very different than what they have decided, it’s ridiculous. I hate being flexible, (only when shopping is concerned) firstly it wastes time. My mom, like any other lady spends hours in a shop even if she has nothing in her mind to purchase. Secondly it wastes money. I remember one incident when I was with my mom and dad at nashik. We were actually leaving nashik, en route we stopped at one place. My dad had some task to do, so he asked us to wait in car. But it was my dad’s bad luck that day. He unknowingly, rather innocently, parked it at place which was near to a Crockery exhibition. My mom decided to just ‘stroll’ in that exhibition and ended up shopping Rs. 10000 worth of crockery. I am sure my dad would have preferred to skip his task, however important, had he was aware of my mom’s intentions in advance. Well another thing I just hate about shopping is bargaining. Why the hell shopkeepers charge more so that a person bargains and brings the price down by almost 75%!! Yes, it happened, I was shocked when I went to purchase wallet with my friend. Shopkeeper quoted its price to 150 and my friend asked it for 30 Rs!! “Hey dude there should be some limit to bargain, let that poor guy earn something”, this words went in my mind, but to my horror that deal was closed on 40 Rs!! There should be a law, some figure, indicating the profit that a shopkeeper should get on item, and every item should have an MRP, bargaining must be outlawed. I was telling you how I purchased a shoe. With all these things (bargaining and stuff) in mind I decided to take Rohit, my college friend and colleague, with me. We went to a Metro outlet on FC Rd (Pune). And we were out in 5 minutes. No selection, No bargaining. To my despair rohit too turned out to be a shopping sick. I felt guilty as we didn’t do bargaining. “75%!! Ok, at least 25%, I would have got those shoes much cheaper”.
Also, bargaining requires much patience. Last monsoon I decided to buy a wind cheater, “big decision”. I decided to ask Joe’s help (Joe (cyclo) is my IIM friend.) for bargaining purpose, “wise decision”. We went to one shop at MG Rd (pune), I selected one wind cheater, joe took over rest of the proceedings. I faintly remember that price of that jacket was quoted at 900. “400”, joe bargained. “Nahi sahib nahi parwadta”(I cannot afford it, Sir) shop guy shot back. Lately that guy agreed at 500, I was jumping on my feats, ready to shell out 500 bucks for that jacket. 400 Rs was big bargain. “400 theek hai, de rahe ho to bolo”(400 bucks final, tell me if u r ready), joe said. No one was ready to move ahead and I lost the chance to buy that jacket. I purchased my jacket from FC Rd when monsoon was almost over, No selection No bargaining. :(

Recently I purchased a bike (Bajaj pulsar 150). I went to showroom with Rohit. After verifying all documents, I was asked to make the payment. Once that was over, showroom guy asked us to go backside to select bike. All of a sudden we were in a pulsar farm with so many bikes to choose from. Big, never imagined, question was “How to select a bike???” I looked at rohit’s face and then towards farm. During my previous purchase (shoes... remember) I got good experience about rohit’s knowledge of selection and all. I didn’t want to take any chances this time. I decided to call Virus. I don’t remember exact conversation with him but it went something like this:

Me: Viraj, abhi mai showroom me hu, aur mujhe bike select karne ko kaha gaya hai.
(Viraj, right now I am in showroom, and i have been asked to select bike!)
Virus: Sahi!!! Sab paper work ho gaya kya?
(Cool!! did u complete all paper work?)
Me: Ha, payment bhi clear ho gaya, now I have to select bike.
(Yes, even payments are cleared, now i have to select bike)
Virus: Sahi!!!
Me: Abbe locha ye hai ki bike select kaise karte hai?? Kuch tips de na.
(Dude, problem is how to select bike, give me some tips)
Virus: [laughing and then sounding like expert] Abbe no big deal, Akkad Bakkad Bombay bo kar!!!
(No big deal man, just do enki pinki ponki !!!)

I was about to consider his option when showroom guy dropped in. “Bhaiyaa, ye bike kaise select karte hai?” (Hey, tell me how do we select bike?). I asked. He smiled at us and explained that there is no difference in bikes and that I can select any of it. However he led us to a lot that was newly arrived. “Saheb ye naya lot hai, ismese select karo.”(Choose among these, they are from newer lot). I zeroed on two black pulsar bikes. “Abhi in dono me se kaunsa??”(Now which among the two??). I asked to myself. All of a sudden a ‘dumb shopper’ Rohit became ‘super, expirenced biker’ Rohit (so what if he doesn’t know how to ride bike). He started knocking petrol tanks, twisting accelators, studying bikes in various viewing angels. “Ye select kar” (select this), he declared, “numerology ke hisab se ye wali bike achhi hai.”(according to numerology this is the perfect bike). “How?” I made a sarcastic reply. “Iske chassis no. ka summation 1 hota hai aur teri birth date ka summation bhi 1 hota hai.” (Chassis number summation is 1 and your birthdate's summation is also 1). He had a point, (my b’date is 3/6/1981, so 3+6+1+9+8+1 = 28, 2+8 = 10, 1+0 = 1. I don’t remember chassis number but its summation was also 1). I had no clue which to select, so I went for the bike suggested by rohit. (When I got the delivery of bike, I found that my bike number was also 217, I mean 2+1+7=10, 1+0=1 :) ).

This is story till now. After living so many years away from home, I still have fear of shopping. I just hate that like anything. All purchases of my clothes is outsourced to my mom, and by any chance you are a girl and my prospective life partner, this work will be given to you! So be aware :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

first tag

I was tagged by Sudeep thanks man, not only for tagging me but telling me what m i supposed to do.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4

I am in my office, no books nearby, only a bag, helmet, cell...

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
Anup, its Anup.

3. What is the last thing you watched on tv?
MTV Bakra

4. Without looking, guess what time it is?

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
14:48:15. Thats cool

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Its computer, kya yahi pyar hai.mp3 shouting!!

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Just an hour ago, had a misal pav

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Anup. :)

9. What are you wearing?
Hey I am in clothes, sahi na

10. Did you dream last night?

11. When did you last laugh?
While answering 8th question. Look above.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?.
Nothing here.. Only a grey color wall, with orange piller, white cealing, green cubicle wall... Hey I didn't notice... Neilsoft (remember, i am in my office) is funny.

13. Seen anything weird lately?
Neilsoft's walls and cealing.

14. What do you think of this quiz?
Nothing, Sudeep made me realise that I am supposed to answer this quiz.

15. What is the last film you saw?
Broke back mountain.... Shit.... Believe me I did'nt enjoy that film, pls believe me.

16. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Neilsoft!! And then I will change color of wall and cealing.

17. Tell me something about you that i dunno.
Who are you? R u me??

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Color of Neilsoft's wall n cealing.

19. Do you like to dance?

20. George bush.
Iiii He is president of USA :)

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Will I really get chance to decide that?

22. Imagine yout first child is a boy, what do you call him?
No, I wont get that chance :(

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Only if I am to live in switzerland.

24.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
Get lost.... go back to switzerland!!

25. 4 people who must also do this meme in their journal.
You (if u haven't), me, me and me. (I want to re answer it)

Have a great weekend. wait for some more stuff here

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lohagad Conquered.

"New post before new blog"

Yet again I had a wonderful trip; yet again it was after endless, sometime meaningless discussions through mails. But this time, to make sure that we really go somewhere, we (me, virus, bulls and anna) decided to meet at dinner and discuss it out. Venue and time: Bala’s (restaurant on FC Road), Saturday evening. Till then nothing was decided, not even destination. But even before order for dinner was placed we came up with destination, Lohagad!! Other candidate was purandar fort, but no one knew where it was. It hardly took 5 -7 minutes to decide on lohagad, rest of the time, yes throughout dinner , was spent on discussing the list of eatables that we should take for trek. Ridiculous!! Isn’t it? Answer will be “No” once you realize that you have two gujjus (Virus and Bulls) in team. So we came up with long list; Bread (2 family size packets), butter, lot of farsaan, bun maskaa , enough magiee packs – we decided to make magiee at fort, so for that one paatela (utensil), forks, lots of paper, match sticks… Probably now you realize that discussion went throughout dinner. All tasks were equally divided among us. Oh! By the way Manali (Mans) also decided to join us; she ditched her team mates who were to start some new VC++ project. She seems to be most enthu girl among the lot we have (not talking about the one who is in Bangalore :) ).

Next morning we (we + Mukul (mukyaa)) met at shivajinagar station at 6 am, train was at 6:30. We started our day with kurkure, lays and tea. After lot of control bulls gave up, he eat his share of bun maskaa, which was meant to be eaten later. Train was on time and within an hour we were at Malavli Station (one stop before lonavala). This was most beautiful station I have ever been to; in background there was a huge hill, between that hill and station ran a high speed Pune – Mumbai express way. If I have correctly imagined, in monsoon with a lush green hill in background, this station will resemble to a Swiss railway station shown in DDLJ, a scene where Shahrukh and Kajol wait for train. Sounds like I have exaggerated the point. Well, I will surely describe it when I revisit Lohagad in monsoon. Lohagad is 9km. from this station. We crossed express way through over bridge and headed towards bhaje village, approx 2km from malvali. We enquired for some kerosene in this village that we thought would be required for burning woods, we didn’t get any. Somebody came up with idea to get ‘gaoriyaa’ (dry cow dung- a kind of pan cake of cow dung which can be used as fuel!! Easily available in village like bhaje). We got two such pancakes. Lohagad was very much visible from here, yet its main gate was 7 km away. With a mid march afternoon this was going to be a gruesome trek.

It took many breaks and short cuts to reach the main gate of fort. Lohagad is one of the majestic forts in this region. It has some 2000 years old history and is 3400 ft high from sea level. The huge balconies, (facing awesome panoramic lake) and huge gates reminds you the importance of this place during its active years. History says that during his era, Shivaji Maharaja, used this fort for keeping war prisoners. For detailed history of lohagad click here, for breathtaking images of lohagad click here. Mine was first visit to any fort, what fascinated me about lohagad (may be true for all forts) was its well planned construction. It took enemy to cross four gates before reaching the top; all these gates were quite strong and were located on the serpentine ascent of the fort. The tough part of the trek was its last leg. It led us to Vinchu kata (Scorpion’s tail). Braving steep slopes and monkeys we reached this place. It was breathtaking view, whole of the lonavala city was visible from here, and the atmosphere was serene, I was really overwhelmed by the silence, calmness of that place, something I was missing before coming here. Being addicted to city life it was unusually soothing experience for me. Too good!! This place must be a heaven in monsoon.

From here we started backtracking, En route Mans and Virus collected dry sticks for fire, and we found a place free of monkeys where we can safely sit, cook and eat. It was a man made cave like structure, must be an armoury room in those days... just a wild guess. Guys somehow (too many brains at work) managed to get properly shaped stones to create a stove like structure, everything was ready papers, ‘gaoriyaa’, sticks. We were even successful in setting fire, an achievement in itself, but something just bulldozed our plan…. Monkeys!! Suddenly they appeared from nowhere. In no time we collected our stuff and were out of that place. Thanks to these monkeys we decided to outsource this project to restaurant at foothills. Our downward ride was more painful (I can still feel pain in my legs while writing this post). We had good lunch at that restaurant, bulls and anna prepared magiee (not without funny arguments on how to prepare).

Around 6:00 pm we reached to Malavli station, got into 6:30 local to pune. It was really really killing trek (18km to and fro), but everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, it was hastily but well planned trip (as far as eateries are concerned :) ). With so many more forts around pune, I hope this is the first post in ‘conquered’ series.

Some ‘next day’ comments from guys who were involved in this trip:

Bulls : "kal ham log lohgad jake aye hai. bhayank exp tha. total buri haalat hia pairo ki. aur skin bhi puri red ho gayi hai. all in all good start for the outing season."

Mans: “Jinda Hu Main !!!!.... :) . trek was too good.....bahot maja kiya n bahot khaya.”

Virus: “i m alive as wel.. TREK/HIKING was awesome.. agar kisine "forest gump" dekha hai to woh samaj sakta hai main kya kehna chahta hu.. it was like.. we woke up in morning.. and just kept walking..and walking.. and walking.. we stopped wen we thot.. we have had enuff.. sab ki skin laal ho gayi hai.. bulls.. unexpectedly.. kept this stamina up and completed trek without n e cribbing manali ne bhi bhayanak effort daale.. gerl who is not comfortable climbin little slope.. came with us to the TOP of fort..”

Anna: “Meri tu ful vat lagi. I could not walk properly today. But all pain is less than the enjoyment we had yesterday.”


Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hi guys, thought of shifting my blog from rediff to blogspot. Google's new plugin for MS Word 'blogger for word' tempted me to shift my blog from rediff to google..err blogger. I am posting all posts and comments of previous here...
.... in decending order.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Again after long time, nothing much to say. Though one thing i'd like to mention, things have changed drastically on my front. I have been thru all kind of situations good, very good, bad, very bad , annoying, very annoying , thundering, very thundering, frustrating, very frustating, boring, very boring , disappointing, very dissappointing.... Some not worth mentionable some not mentionable. This post is, in a sense filler, to prevent rediff from removing my blog from its server. :) Will upload next post when I have somthing to say.By the way very happy new year to all readers.

comments 2

mAyur 06:46 pm Feb 23rd 2006 I guess, we shud not disscuss private matters in public, It may be offensive to her

04:36 pm Feb 16th 2006 hey mayur i suggest u to right a blog on our TL raina...wht say??

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

half aSLEEP

A time for new post, it really takes an effort to publish a new post. Take it from me it is like making a new movie. U have to assure that topic u have selected is right, ur story telling, narration is good enough to make it a nice reading, and last but not least u need to market it that’s why I sent few of u a link. So guys….. (read guys/gals – By not using word gals I don’t intend to discriminate girls, its just that ‘guys’ is a cool word than ‘gals’, after all guys are supposed to be cooool and gals hott!!), So… where were we… ya! So guys presenting a post ‘half aSLEEP’, cast: Me, myself and some of u. Throughout my life I have always been half asleep. All of us dream, I mean literally, not that ‘bada hoke bada aadmi banuga’ wala dream, but the one on which u don’t have any control -A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. I never remembered a dream that I had seen during my deep sleeping (though I remember that I had a dream), but I and I guess we all remember the dream we see when we are half asleep. So here are some funny situations I have been through when I or someone else was half asleep. Scene1, Hostel Room, 2nd yr, start of 3rd semester exams: We were preparing for AC- Analog Circuit or Alternating Current (name inspired by its behavioral properties), me and my roomy, prash (ya our own Prashant). I do not remember time but it was around 2 – 3 in morning when prash decided to have a nap. After about 30 min he went into half asleep state and all of the sudden he cried – “Ha paper tar ghusla, shakyach nahi… nahi nighat!!”(“I got this paper screwed, impossible…I wont clear it!!”), I wonder what he saw in his dream but he sounded more confident than he usually is when awake. Hearing that, I lost my confidence, which was already scarce. End result: he cleared that paper (he was among 23% of students who cleared it) and I failed to. This examinophobia affected my sleep too; I always complicate the matters in my dream: On a night before M3 paper I was busy calculating path to Earth to Jupiter with help of furior transform and some maxima-minima calculations, but was failing miserably, it was very tense situation , earth was about to explode when someone woke me up! And I was like “ok!! … relax…. ur supposed to refer kadlag sir’s book that’s it!”. This is all about a situations when u r in half asleep state and u don’t know what u said, did or experienced. I am sure prash wont remember what he said that day. There are situations when u act smart, though u haven’t gained consciousness fully. Following incident was told and retold many time but it is still worth mentioning; Scene2, Hostel, Diploma 2nd year, My hostel was comprised of 4 wings or corridors, each wing had 12 rooms, 6-6 on either side. It had bathrooms & stuff at one end (a closed end). Watchman used to sit at entrance gate, he used to receive calls from our parents/relatives/frns (cell phones were not popular during those days). On receiving he used to shout the concerned person’s name. That night at abt 10 pm watchman shouted one of my friend’s name, he was asleep but somehow in his sleep he heard that call. “Aalo Aalo!!”(“Coming Coming!!”), he exclaimed (probably he was still bit unconsious) and started running towards bathroom. He was about to collide the bathroom wall when he realized that he was supposed to run in opposite direction! Never act smart when u r half asleep. One more thing to mention, sometime we do speak truth when we are in half asleep state (also true when a person is very drunk), few months back, when I was living with Vraj, Nayyar, Hemal… Vraj did say something unmentionable about me (ofcourse he was in half asleep state). I still don’t know what he said, maybe sometime in future I would like to hear from him J. Well all of u must have gone through such half sleepiness experiences, I would love if u share some of them here. Lastly idea to write something on this topic came today morning when I was half aSLEEP!!



03:16 pm Dec 27th 2005

tht was really good..........

04:34 pm Dec 2nd 2005

Sorry, i am reading ur blog first time after realising the fact that how difficult it is to write such a good blog! Good goin chinu... Well sharing a half sleep exp... i really dont remember any half sleep exp but had very scary dreams, one of them- I am just goin to fall in deep valley and just get up lookin around... and hey that was dream I am alive.....

Sudeep 11:03 am Nov 22nd 2005

"guys are supposed to be cooool and gals hott" .. he he .. gud one man! I remember one incident when I had gone trekking with a grp of frnds. We had walked around 10-12 kms n were damn tired. As soon as we found a temple we started spreading out matresses n some of us started preparing 'khichadi'. One of my frnds was in tht half-asleep state when we asked if he was gonna eat. He was nodding yes in his sleep. Then we asked him a lot of things which he amswered in his slumber. It was fun.. but I haven't gone thro' any such instances myself. Probably thts coz i rarely studied in engg. LOL... c ya around for more.

mayur 03:54 pm Aug 17th 2005

hey, i want u to state ur expiriences abt half sleepiness!!

CYCLO 03:19 pm Aug 17th 2005

Good show buddy! im jealous of you that you have the time to post!

vraj (virus) 02:34 pm Aug 17th 2005

hi.. nice blog again.. and about stuff i said when we were living together.. this is stuff created by nayyar and hemal.. i never said n e thing when i was asleep

prashant 02:33 pm Aug 17th 2005

i know, we hardly slept in our 3rd sem PLs,the tensions had mounted so much. half aSleep, is the state where we get most of the ideas from , isnt it partner?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Trip to Khopoli

I had a blast this weekend. Finally, after months of discussions on threads like "Trip to khopoli" - which always ended with something other than what it was meant for, the trip was planned. Though few guys/gals turned up, but we had a blast. One thing is for sure, keep us anywhere in world, be it acatama desert (driest place in world) or cherapunji, we will have a blast. As per final plan me, urmi & virus were to meet at 5:30 shivajinagar station, I rang both of them well in advance. Train was at 5:55 am. Virus reached on time but Urmi failed to. We missed the train. Next train was at 7:30, we reached lonavala by 9 am and to khopoli in another 1/2 hours. Journey was as usual wonderful, Journey by train and that too between Pune - M'baiis treat. Plus it was raining... Awesome! We reached Prash'shouse, mumbaites were already there. For a while, whole house was reverberating with girly cries of Hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! In background of these cries we guys met and hugged each other sober way.("Girls, No offense meant"). There were 8 of us other 5's- Prash, Mihir, Sreya, Mans & Sush. We were xpecting others to join us by eve or Sunday morning but nobody turned up. We had a breakfast and usual ha ha hi hi for another hour, Mumbai ppl were more involved in talking among themselves than with us, poor chaps they don’t have time to meet each other in Mumbai. After exchange of pleasantries, jokes (each of them were explained to Sreya) and some cricket, we headed for our first destination, 'Zenith Falls'. This time we had to pay for it, some cops were deployed there, few days back someone died (drowned) at falls, strange! Last time (2 yrs back) we enjoyed it exclusively. The view was awesome, its was as if we were looking at life size scenic poster of a landscape with many small water streams running down from here and there. Fun started right at foothills, everybody was forcibly dipped in water... This has become customary. Sreya made it clear in advance that she doesn’t want to get wet, and was making bold statements like "Bhiga ke to dekho". She succumbed to these statements. The scene at zenith falls was a bit disappointing; a bowl (small crater was created at bottom end of falls, by impact of falling water which resembled like a bowl) was full of other people, Weekend! Many of them were drunk; a smell of alcohol was in air. But we decided to have fun, which we did. Virus was first timer and was thrilled; “Wow!”, “Too Good!!” were his responses to the magnificence of falls. Most of the ppl inside were drunk, naked young guys with red preying eyes! Girls were in confusion state on whether to get in pond. For this moment Urmi hated being a girl! But at end we all had fun. By evening we came down, some of us with injuries (expectedly, sush took a lead), had a tea and butta. In evening we had dinner and then settled for some carrom and them dumb charades, that was real fun, Manali always took long route to explain a movie name while sush made us to guess a non existing movie, bravo!! Prash was really pathetic; Movie he described was supposedly ‘chandni’ with rishi kapoor hero and not sridevi but meenaxi shihadri as actress but that character of rishi kapoor has lost his memory which suggested that he was talking about ‘heena’. And to our horror movie he was given was ‘Lamhe’ It was 3 am b4 we retired for sleep. Next day we tried to start early but not b4 10 am. Destination: ‘Ring Falls’ (named so because water falls from a ring like structure carved from stones, somebody described it as commode). This journey to/from falls was more exciting and adventurous than yesterday’s, with more of us slipping and falling,including me. Needless to say sush accomplished highest number of falls. It was raining and current was strong, at one point of time it became dangerous enough for us get out of it. We had to wait for half an hour for water to subside. Guess what we did to pass time… played dumb charades!! Up, at falls things were exciting, we sat under the falls. We tried to play antakshari amidst of fall water lashing us. More time was spent in communicating a next letter to start with. We climbed down exhausted but happy, we had a rocking weekend. After lunch (at 5 pm.) we dispersed, Mumbai ppl left early, we 4 (manali decided to come to pune) and ninad headed for pune. Twice we went to khopoli and enjoyed like anything. Not all are privileged to have such mesmerizing adventurous trip, all credit goes to Prashant and more importantly his parents for devoting all their energies so that we can have a blast. ‘Thanks’ is very small word for that. Hope such get together happen from time to time with more and more folks joining in. Signing Off for a while.


vraj (virus) 03:12 pm Jul 27th 2005

yeh foo ka kya hua? jalan ke maare ek hi comment kitni baar bheja hai usna!! aur bolti hai.. "tough boy tough....but good start ;-)"

Urmila 9:22 am Jul 27th 2005

Hey!!!! yup it was a blast!!!!!! and prash will plan a trip soon... Mayuuuuuurrrr Good Work! :-)

foo 06:00 pm Jul 26th 2005

hey mayur never knew u blogged !!!....u write well dude !!! so all set to make me feel jealous huh ????? tough boy tough....but good start ;-)

foo 06:00 pm Jul 26th 2005

hey mayur never knew u blogged !!!....u write well dude !!! so all set to make me feel jealous huh ????? tough boy tough....but good start ;-)

foo 06:00 pm Jul 26th 2005

hey mayur never knew u blogged !!!....u write well dude !!! so all set to make me feel jealous huh ????? tough boy tough....but good start ;-)

foo 05:59 pm Jul 26th 2005

hey mayur never knew u blogged !!!....u write well dude !!! so all set to make me feel jealous huh ????? tough boy tough....but good start ;-)

prashant 01:57 pm Jul 26th 2005

yehhhhhhhhhhh, we had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! . I got to test my movie knowledge.....its awesome...hehehehe..i met urmi,mayur , vraj,shreaya(though she is in mumbai) after almost 4 months. Urmi you r planning our next trip....start making the preparations.....

vraj (virus)
01:40 pm Jul 26th 2005

i never knew u have blog mayur.. yes weekend was awesome and definitely only coz of prash and his family.. i really appreciate the way they manage things!! sometime come to malegaon with ur family and give us the chance as wel prash!!

CYCLO 01:35 pm Jul 26th 2005

good show, i never knew you had a job...and yes, i am definitely jealous of you guys!!!....Nice humorous post buddy, ur getting there

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Couple of rocking weekends, night outs, parties .. and one bad news. Poonam has been Banglored.Baki baadme, busy at neilsoft.

Dhiraj 12:48 pm Jun 21st 2005

Mayur please tell us as well how to do parties, night outs and also keep busy ourself with work.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

So finally Rohit managed to get my birthday. Its tomorrow, Beta achha katne wala hai tu. Actually I am sick of getting those b'day bumbs, god knows what happens 2nite...Yesterday was I kinda ok day. I ran some 40 odd scripts with only 5-6 passing... not bad. We saw Bunty n Bubly yesterday nite, It was total PJ, very strangely everybody (me, vraj, e mail, nayyar) liked it. According to poonam it was not watchable, ..something wrong with her?! Had she been with us she would have enjoyed it. (That was gramatically hardest sentence I ever wrote in english, Ya i know it is wrong, Can u spot it.. ). Bus baki sab agar kal jinda bacha to

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hey anybody there. This is my blog! For a while I have nothing to say, but hopefully in coming future i may say somthing here. Well actually i am very eager to see first look of my page... So c u soon